The Unique Relationship Bewtween: Yung Jinx & Ab-Soul

YUNG JINX & AB-SOUL have a very close relationship. Since Jinx is still making his way threw the underground ranks of hip hop, Most people or fans

would not know that jinx even knew Industry Artist, But not in this case.

Ironically, Jinx & Ab-soul go way back, as they say. They attended the same

middle school called Curtiss Middle School, Located in Ab-soul's City, Carson, ca. which is not that far from Compton were jinx grew up. Although they attended the same school once upon a time Jinx was in the 7th grade and Soul was in the 8th so they didn't really know one another because jinx checked in the school 2nd semester of the 2000-2001 school season, soul was on his way out and jinx was a new student. As time went on they began to get close threw a mutual friend "DOEBURGER" who is known for being

AB-SOUL's right hand man, which he is also best friends with the Compton rapper Jinx. In 2012 Jinx & Ab-soul began to get close because doeburger was the middle man between them and linked the two respected MC's together organically. Vibing at the "Slouse" and getting stoned is what they normally did while hanging out together, also they would play their music and critique each other in a postive way. In 2013 AB-SOUL appeared on Jinx's

Breakout Mixtape "The Weekend" on 2 Tracks, one called "Kickback" and another called "Offtop" which helped Jinx Views Reach 100,000 views on In 2014 AB-SOUL released an album called "These Days" and returned the favor by featuring Jinx on a song called "TWACT". In result Soul took Jinx on the "These days tour" with him along side Dreamville Artist BAS, J.I.D. & Earth gang. in 2019 Jinx & Ab-soul was spotted taking a picture together at the 6th Annual TDE christmas toy drive concert in Watts, CA.

after talking to jinx he said that he & soul are "Brothers for life and are still locked in with one another til this day" and also said that after the concert they chilled at doeburger's house and played some new AB-SOUL records that's coming out this year, its safe to say that the bond that they share is still tight.


Ab-Soul Brings out "Yung Jinx" at the "These days Tour"

[Observatory, Santa Ana, CA]

[Pics from Tour]

Doeburger, Ab-Soul, Yung Jinx, Short dawg [Fr3$h]

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