Being a CEO of a Indy Label: what's it really like?

In a recent interview with the compton rapper "Yung Jinx" we notcied he wore a chain that said "Ujima Records" on it, and we asked"what doe's Ujima Records" mean? and he replied "It's my label". We then asked so "you are signed to a major label"? then he replied with a strong "No" he said "Im independent". He began to tell us that he's been indy for 15 years and has never been signed to a major label, and that back in 2016 he and his Business partner Michael Smith also know as Lil Mike or Ujima Mike [The person in the picture next to Jinx] decided to create an official label for themselves due to the fact that Jinx has been grinding indy all alone all these years without a Brand, label or support. He stated that the word "Ujima" is the first name of his Projects/Apartments he grew up in Compton. As more research was done by the two men they then discovered that Ujima is actually a day in Kwanzaa that is celebrated. Ujima means to build and maintain your community and to make your brothers and sisters problems your problems, and to show unity. Ironically Jinx already felt that definition to the heart because growing up in "Ujima Village" he already felt those morals and values of the celebrated day in Kwanzaa so naming it Ujima Records made sense. Although being a CEO/ Co-Founder of a indy record company is hard work, Jinx said. He told us he relies on his business partner Lil Mike to help and assist with Manager like roles, Music video director duties, Booking shows and pretty much all of Yung Jinx's business. Being a artist and ceo is hard work, you need a great team around you, You need people that want to see you win like its themselves, team work make the dream work, said Jinx.